We are proud members of USA SYNCHRO!

A Huge Thank You To Our 2015-16 Sponsors!

Any former StingRays,Gal-A-Fins or Marty's Mermaids:  please contact us! We would love to stay in touch!

Coyote Creek Construction

Bozeman Icedogs

Christie Electric, Inc.

First Interstate Bank

Gallatin Center

Bare's Stove & Spa

​Kristin Hansen

C & H Engineering

James & Catherine Gwinner

Psychiatry Associates

Additional thanks to:

Jacqui Franks

Allegra Printing

​Black Box Designs

Town & Country Foods

Donations may be sent to:
Bozeman Synchronized Swim Team
PO Box 911
Bozeman, MT 59771

If your child is new to synchronized swimming and wants to give it a try, don't miss our annual                 FREE TRY-IT WEEK!

October 17-20 from 4:00-5:30 

at the Bozeman Swim Center.

For more info, contact:


406.580.2444 or 406.580.0315


FreeTry It Week!

Our club welcomes swimmers of all ages and is the perfect sport for those who love water, swimming, dance, performance, gymnastics and learning new skills.  From the youngest six year old learning the most basic figure, to Middle and High Schoolers traveling the country to compete in National Championships, the Bozeman StingRays celebrate many accomplishments together as a team.



This club team is funded through monthly activity dues, corporate sponsors, funds earned working MSU concessions and private donations. With your donations, dues will remain more affordable for most of our swimmers. It is our hope to avoid any increases in order to maintain accessibility of this sport for ALL interested swimmers! 

​  Bozeman StingRays Synchronized Swim Team

AA Craftsman
Cirilli Associates
​Riverbend Builders

Anne Hynes

Janel Tindall

Mim & Pop Madden

Sourdough Montessori

​Stephen Taylor

Don & Sue Powell
Brian McKenna